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Hunger And The Holidays

Hunger hurts year round, but during the holidays it is especially painful.IMG_0884 Images of lavish holiday meals and treats splashed across every screen only add to the hunger pains. Our organization partners with food banks, growers, community organizations, and schools to get nutritious short dated food diverted to the hungry while it is still good.  Grocers only sell blemish free perfect fruit that isn’t ripe yet. Ripe produce, the fruit with a couple brown spots, a funny shape, or grade B size is still delicious and nutritious. It is shameful to dump good food into commercial dumpsters when one in five kids in the U.S. go hungry especially during the holidays. We can change this. Let’s feed the hungry not landfills!

Brown Spots Are Beautiful

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We think a few brown spots on fruits and veggies are beautiful. Grocers and growers often dump imperfect produce due to minor flaws in appearance. We rescue that food and distribute it to the hungry. This helps alleviate hunger and the environment.

Why Donate Don’t Dump is Run by a “Big Cheese”

Recently a magazine article pointed out that Donate Don’t Dump

Lunch at The White House

Lunch at The White House After Award Ceremony

is led by a 17 year old who’s official title is the “Big Cheese”.  Since then we have had many inquiries asking why our Founder doesn’t have a more conventional title like President.

Donate Don’t Dump is an official 501C(3) and all our legal, tax, and patent stuff is handled by a global law firm pro-bono. Although we are run by a minor, she couldn’t have a title like President that has legal implications. So she selected “Big Cheese” instead of the other less colorful suggestions given by the lawyers and yes it is in the by-laws.

EPA Asks Teen Environmentalist To Be A Contributing Writer

Teen Writer Adds Perspective At EPA Blog

The environment isn’t just an issue adults care about. Today’s youth are the next generation that is going to inherit the mess previous generations created. We are clearly stakeholders. So we were thrilled when the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) asked the Founder of Donate Don’t Dump (age 17) to contribute as a writer to the Government’s EPA Blog. We think the youth perspective is important to raise peer-to-peer awareness and encourage more teens to get involved. Please check out the blog post here and let us know your thoughts.


Partnering with Young Australian Environmentalists

Screenshot_12_1_14_11_28_AMWe are partnering with Climate Girl in Australia to promote sustainability! Please check out