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Hunger and Nutrition

Hunger and poor nutrition hurt our communities.

Senior Citizens: Seniors On Fixed Incomes

Our “Greatest Generation”suffer from malnutrition and hunger. They must often choose between utilities, medications, or food while on fixed incomes.  Not surprisingly seniors who suffer from hunger also suffer from declining health and increased medical costs.



Over 17 million million children go to bed hungry in our country. Hungry kids don’t do well in the classroom and later don’t do well in the job market.  Paradoxically, hungry kids suffer from obesity caused by cheap junk foods. Obese children grow up to be obese adults with serious health issues.  Our country’s future is our children, we need tomorrow’s work force educated and healthy for the US to compete in the world economy. The issue is so great it has become a National Security issue according to the Pentagon. 

Active Military & Veterans:

Due to frequent deployments, multiple relocations, and the high cost of living many military families struggle economically. In San Diego, charities distribute food weekly at Camp Pendleton Marine Base and Murphy Canyon Navy Housing for active military personnel who are struggling to put food on the table.

The Award Winning Hunger Documentary Featuring Founder, Gabrielle Posard

Award Winning Documentary
Award Winning Documentary


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