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Giving Thanks and Making a Difference This Holiday Season

The holidays are a time that many Americans give thanks for all they have and consider those less fortunate. Please also consider the environmental impact your donation can make. Our partner, the North County Food Bank, provides the hungry with healthy fresh food donated by grocers, growers, and food companies. Last year the North County Food bank rescued over 2,000,000 pounds of food that otherwise would have been dumped into landfills. IMG_0613

Our Partner, Tribes for Christ at the La Jolla Indian Reservation is in need of gently used blankets, coats, and sweaters. Please contact us for donation pick up or go online to to make direct donation.

Tribes for ChristYour donations can help feed and clothe those less fortunate while also helping the environment.IMG_1554

Partner Food Bank rescues 2.2 million pounds of food

Our Partner food bank rescued 2.2 million pounds of food from being dumped. Food went to help hungry kids & seniors instead of the landfill. Food banks are not only helping feed the hungry they are also helping to save the environment.  Rescued food distributions are healthier than traditional non-perishable food drives. Rescued food is the short shelf life food like fresh fruits and veggies. Non-perishable food is often loaded with salt and all fiber removed to extend shelf life.  So rescued food is free, a sustainable way to help feed the hungry and better for the environment. Fruits with a few brown spots are better off going to feed hungry families instead of clogging up our landfills and creating methane gas pollution.

Please check out The San Diego North County Community Services Food Bank!NCFB Logo